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Kazakhstan is in central asia. It was once part of the Soviet Union. It is nestled to the south of Russia and northeast of China. The national language is Kazakh but the common language spoken is Russian.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Kaitlin is now 1 day overdue! I know it doesn't seem like much but for someone who had a baby- yes- Kaitlin- who went way overdue you really, truly, start to feel that you will be pregnant forever. So, I can sympathize with her.
That said, having gone through international adoption and not knowing if or when you will get a child teaches one big patience! So, my heart is with her I will be patient for her and we will greet that little guy very soon.


Sally's_Blog said...

Hi, I think we sat next to you two on our flight from Frankfurt to DC (Dulles), we had a 4 month old baby boy and were moving from Germany back to the states with the military. You two were so nice and we are overjoyed your adoption went through! We have a picture of our son, in our row on his first flight, would love to send it to you if you want. Just contact me on our blog, thanks:)

Irina said...

Hello family,
Congratulations for this year of happiness. We are a family from Malaga, Spain with a beautiful child of Ust. We are looking for some photos of this search we found your blog.
My son was in the same foster home as yours from December 2008 until July 2010. We wonder if, by chance you would have a group photo where it appears. His name was Vadim. In December 2008 she was 5 months if you do not have any photos, perhaps you know a family which may have some. Thanks and best regards
My mail is: ireneyjose@movistar.es

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  • July 28, 2009: Gotcha Day
  • June 17, 2009: Court in Ust-K
  • May 21, 2009: left for Ust-Kamenogorsk
  • May 7, 2009: received LOI and region assignment to Ust-Kamenogorsk
  • March 12, 2009: dossier approved and sent to Kazakhstan
  • Feb. 26 2009: dossier sent to Kazakhstans DC embassy
  • Jan. 23 2009: updated documents apostilled and fed-ex'd to AA
  • Jan. 20 2009: received FBI clearance
  • Jan. 7 2009: Re-did the Re-do of the FBI fingerprinting (Kari) and sent for clearance
  • Dec. 19 2008: Re-did FBI fingerprinting and sent for clearance
  • July 11: Dossier authenticated and Fed-ex'd to Adoption Ark.
  • June 21: received I-171h
  • April 19- received fingerprinting notice in the mail
  • Feb. 13 went to Sherrif dept- got black fingers (fingerprinting) for FBI clearance
  • Feb. 8: received dossier packet via email from AA (Adoption Ark)
  • February 6: mailed contract and initial paperwork
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